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We partner with banks and financial institutions to ensure client safety property surveillance and monitoring
Let's help you improve on the efficiency of overall business processes
Safety & Security, a critical component in the  Financial Sector and calls for top-level solutions and an agile response to events. Beyond security, bank operations continue to become more sophisticated, so you may also be interested in tools that maximize efficiency, simplicity, and organisation
GVD proudly offers complete solutions based on up-to-date technologies that not only improves security in day-to-day operations, but also continually builds trust with customers
From detecting weapons to managing employees and field staff, we help you to leverage data across devices to streamline business processes
Now you could improve your space layout, using  heatmaps for people-based activity or reduce the incident response time from any device with just a click

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Sabotage Detection

PTZ Camera Control

Suspect Search


Abondoned Object Detection

Fire Detection

Sound Detection

Weapon Detection

24X7 Command & Control