Find Affordable and Efficient Ways to Manage Your Employees

Find Affordable and Efficient ways to manage your Employees including Contractual Staff

HR experts often come across a scenario wherein he/she desires to manage a contractual employee through their HR system. However, a maximum number of HR software is designed around a high number of employee management, pricing plans which may not be suitable for small businesses.

This is where “Neuron Manpower Management” could help you. All the contractual staff could use this software to log in using a “Temp User” profile and function as normal employees in the system.

Key features at Neuron include Absence & Leave Management, Employee Live Tracking. For instance, in case you are in the transport business and would like to get alerts for the employees going above the speed limit, Neuron is the right software to help you.

Further, the Neuron Attendance Management feature provides you with the flexibility to mark your attendance with mobile phones, automated triggers are sent for late attendance, it also reports working hours and helps to manage employees in different working shifts.

What’s more? Neuron offers several other features including:

The Process Management@Neuron

The Process Management@Neuron is the most essential component linking people, tasks, inventory, notifications, geography. It’s the one component that forms the neural network between various elements of the organization. It allows creating and improving processes.

Process management is also known as “workflow management” brings situational awareness by utilizing notification management. At every step of the process, people are notified about their completed and upcoming tasks. The neuron is a SaaS-based platform designed to handle location-specific and global processes.

The Dashboard

The layout is simple, distributed in various segments to quickly understand the output of different modules. The neuron dashboard can be customized based on Key Performance Indicators of an organization. The most important and up-to-date data is always available to top management to help them with decision-making.

Manage your “Reports”

Want to minimize the exchange of hands? Prevent report from data manipulation? Neuron reports are the right choice for you!

Reports are automated –from the system it directly reaches to intended audience’s inbox, thereby limiting the exchange of hands and data manipulation to zero.

Customized based on the modules that are enabled in the platform reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Reports can also be specific to certain geographic locations e.g., Report needed for North zone only – attendance and leaves.

Inventory Management

With the Neuron inventory module, you can keep track of incoming, outgoing, and in-house stock, you can also streamline operations and run a more efficient business.

Further, you could tag inventory to different locations and set similar or same inward and outward processes.