Government & Defence

We partner to solve all security and surveillance related concerns related to government & defence facilities
The government and defence sectors must adhere to the strictest levels of security & compliance, rapidly evolving technology and standards
At GVD, we help you to  integrate security and surveillance software and hardware with the help of our cutting-edge technology that best fits your needs, making you adaptable to new challenges
As the world tumbles through the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to plan for a future where enhancing public safety and security will be a priority
GVD Solutions alleviates these concerns altogether, removing the bottlenecks that have long troubled authorities and citizens to keep up with the new normal

We Understand your Needs

Our Offerings

Facial Recognition

PTZ Camera Control

Suspect Search

24x7 Command & Control

Live Tracking

Alarm & Alert Management

AI Based VMS

Weapon Detection

Social Distancing