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Reduce Operator & Guarding Cost

Maximise Business Value

Save Time & Cost

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Maxmise existing technologies

Ensure Business Connectivity

Minimize Organisational Risk

Tap into economic effectiveness and maximise return on your investment

Situational Awareness

Neubit is a data analytics platform that enables you to correlate events from disparate safety and security systems into a common operating picture, so that people’s attention can be efficiently focused on what really matters in an emergency.

Better Control

Neubit connects and manages disparate building and security technologies to provide an aggregated intelligence platform that optimizes incident response times and safeguards campus facilities.

Operator Guidence

Neubit provides advanced operations for communications that connect, control and protect. Reducing operator and people guarding costs through automation, and improving operator efficiency with improved ability to protect remote areas.


Neubit is designed to help you expose data sources to the reporting engine. There are several views in the database to expose key datasets to the reporting engine

Ready to redefine incident managment and response?

Situational Awareness

Related, Critical information sources corelated with security inputs such as sensors and cameras, Operator gains a complete picture of the dynamic security environment.


Combining process automation with organizational policies and procedure yields intelligent and managed workflows


Neubit provides a thin client access from cloud rendering enterprise services through advanced web browsers. This mobility empowers organizational key personnel to respond during the crisis

Continuity & Resilience

Flexible and high availability with easy cloud deployment on multiple jars enables business continuity and recovery


Integration of complex SOPs with disparate systems deployed assets and any time access to events in Region, State, City and Zones provides wide visibility across organizations

Cloud Agnostic

Moving from one cloud to another without much impact on the IT systems and business processes

Network Distribution

Methodical and efficient distribution of network or application traffic across multiple Servers. Load balancer sits between client devices and backend servers, receiving, distributing incoming requests to any available server capable of fulfilling them.

Deliver New Services

Accommodate or create new business value with digital services.

Empower Your workforce

Give everyone the skills and technology to keep up as the industry evolves.

Optimized Digital operations

Optimize, update and deploy intelligent processes converging information technology & operational technology

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