Smart City & Enterprises

We ensure the safety and security of enterprises in big and small cities
Our endeavor is the safety of inhabitants and improvement of the quality of city services while also supporting the efficient functioning of enterprises
We offer security, surveillance and business management solutions to smart cities & enterprises, protecting people and property, highways and city streets – ranging solutions that bridge the communication gap between public functions
Our solutions require no technical onboarding, and is simple for anyone to use
Faced with soaring labor cost and more fierce competition, it is urgent need for smart cities & enterprises to reduce cost while improving operational efficiency.
Especially large organizations have to deal with incidents on a daily basis. The spectrum is wide, ranging from incidents that happen several times a day, with little impact, to critical, high-impact events that are rare but can trigger a crisis

We Understand your Needs

Our Offerings

Face Detection

Crowd Monitoring

Vehicle Monitoring

Face Mask Detection

Abondoned Object Detection

Alert Management

Noise Cancellation

Suspect Search

Automation & Access Management