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Founded in 2007, Genius Vision Digital (GVD) has committed to the development and innovation of some enterprise video applications ranging from large-scale projects, multi-site projects, to transportation. GVD has a professional team with 11-year experience in CCTV and 8-year experience in IP video surveillance with a parallel concentration on analog, hybrid and IP video solutions. GVD team has high efficiency in designing and developing large-scale video systems. With a few years of efforts, GVD has become a leading provider of IP video surveillance in Asia and has sales & support arms set up in New Delhi, India and Paris, France.

Our Values


“We care about the world we live in, and we imbibe that value in our products and solutions to ensure everything that we make is reliable trusted and does the best job in protecting lives and property worldwide.”


“Life is a celebration, and we want to make the most of it – so we celebrate. From birthdays, and anniversaries of our partners and employees to small and big wins. We believe celebration brings appreciation and a bit of it every now and then goes a long way to create the camaraderie we all need”


“We are compassionate about people working with us. We strive to treat them with utmost respect and deliver on our promises. We constantly work to create exceptional value for everyone around us”


“We believe in evolution to continuously innovate with the rapidly changing technology. We passionately research and develop the most technologically advanced products to make our customers stay ahead.”


“We do a careful need analysis for our customers and provide local solutions tailored to meet their demands”


“We are all different!! Diversity in our team creates an atmosphere of collaboration and empathy thus bridging gaps and bringing out the best in each other every day”

Our Clients

Great People Behind GVD

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Rahul Walia
Sahil Kawatra

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