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Tag Management

GVD E4200 VMS Console can team up with a variety of NVR models featured by GVD to handle 64~100,000 channels with unique “Device Management” & “Tag Management” functions.

Seamless video

GVD VMS designed for video high-availability to fetch the sources of the video from NVR or the redundant systems such as backup server and Failover server.

Synchronous Video Wall

An operator sitting at the management console (E4200) of VMS platform can freely change what to output on a videowall, by using Drag-and-drop to view live-video, play recorded video, change video pattern, start/stop video touring, etc.

Easy Configuration

Users can easily configure IP cams, NVRs, VideoWall, and even systems upgrade from VMS with One-Click. Plus, GVD Device Keeper monitors the status of devices: IP cam, NVR, VideoWall, network connectivity, and storage to ensure IP surveillance running 24/7 in mission-critical applications.

Iglance Dashboard

iGlance is to give operators a quick comprehensive view of system status : Alarm, NVR, IP cams, network statistic, video analytic to ensure the dAIly operation and future maIntenance.

Device Management

GVD Device Management is an innovative design that lessens the complexity of the setup and management of a large video system. It shows you how many devices are in the system right now and how they are working at the moment in an organized classified way.

E- Map

Have a platter view of what is going on with help of a Map, quickly view cameras with mouse over for live or playback view

Case Builder

Keep all actors informed with a powerful case builder for adding comments, snapshots, and video excerpts, running SOP, and handling disruptions

Four Eye Principle

An additional “Four-eye Master” for video live-view, playback (retrieval), and export.

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