We are constantly Innnovating | Creating | Securing

Leverage on our cutting-edge technology to customise your future

Our Vision

We believe in technological excellence and improvements to make a difference. Our teams are collaborating with key stakeholders to transform their businesses and add value through technology, support, and security

Our Mission

Constantly Innovate, to bring latest technologies that help broad array of industries. Strive to a sustainable, secure and convenient environment. Partner to make you more efficient, productive and connected

Let's work together to make you Future-Ready

We are a Video Surveillance and Security Management Solutions Provider that helps enterprises and communities thrive safety & security concerns. We are constantly innovating our cutting-edge technology to support our customers and product partners from across the industries. Our customised approach along with experienced top management support, disciplined and committed teams have bolstered our market position and prominence among our stakeholders. We adhere to the highest ethical business standards and customise our solutions to suit our client requirements and make them future & disruption ready!

Founded in 2007, we have continued on our commitment to making people feel safe and secure. Our exemplary range of intelligent & turnkey enterprise video surveillance solutions, are deployed across verticals including Government & Defence, BFSI, Retail,  Transportation, Smart City & Enterprises

For more than a decade, we are one of the global market leaders in Video Management Systems and Integrated Command & Control Centre, powered by an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Video Analytics, Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its core

What we Value


We partner to co-innovate, bringing the best minds together in pursuit of excellence. Bolstering the culture of customisation to make our products and solutions more revolutionary


We are committed to solve complex surveillance challenges leveraging on our cutting-edge technologies and well-defined processes to maximize operational efficiencies


We collaborate with domain leaders, capitilizing on efficient processes along with intelligent products and solutions designed for advanced threat detection and video analytics


With less than 1% defect rate, our products and solutions help to improve operational efficiency which leads to consistency and informed decision making


Our technologies trigger radical transformation in business operations, while maximizing sustainable growth


Empower your business, process, and culture with our Machine Learning and embedded Artificial Intelligence technologies

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